Industrial Internet Of Things


The Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) Is the use of smart sensors and actuators to enhance manufacturing and Industrial processes. Also known as the Industrial internet or Industry 4.0, IIoT leverages the power ot smart machines and real-time analytics fo fake advantage of the data that dumb machines have produced In Industrial settings for years.

  • Time Duration: 2 Days Workshop
  • Timeline: 10th-12th March 2023

What you will learn?

You'll learn the basic concepts and features of the Industrial Internet of Things and bulld proJects Utlllzlng the RaspberryPl platform. You'll discover fundamental concepts Of cloud computing, sensor reading and connecting the e RaspberryPl to the Internet, wireless Interfaces and Androld phones. Youll also learn to use the most popular open platforms for managlng sensor data from the e RaspbenyPl, how to ftigger actuators remotely, and how to reprogram e RaspberryPl using

Days of Workshop


Hours Of Support


Perks and Benefits

1. Free Exhibit passes.
2. Certificate from IIT Bhubaneswar.
3. Discount on starnite passes.
4. Summer internhip opportunities.



1. Introduction to IoT - Background & History

2. Understanding IIoT architectures

3. Understanding and Introduction to RPI

4. OS installation on SD Card

5. OS configuration

6. Network Setup


8. Linux

9. Using python

10. Activities & Projects

For more information and complete syllabus, please download the pdf from above

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