Ethical Hacking


Ethical hacking is a process of detecting vulnerabilities in an application, system, or organization's infrastructure that an attacker can use to exploit an individual or organization.

The Workshop has been designed for the engineering students regardless of the branch a student belongs to.
The workshop would be conducted by faculty having International Level Expertise in the field of Information Security and Ethical Hacking.
The Course would be Certified as Information Security and Ethical Hacking Expert.

  • Time Duration: 2 Days Workshop
  • Timeline: 10th-12th March 2023

What you will learn?

The workshop helps the students to know about Ethical Hacking and Information security thereby giving them knowledge about Reading the Hacker’s mind and Understanding the hacking psychology and methodology, Bluetooth Hacking ,Google Hacking, Scanning , Sniffing Email hacking , System hacking, Trojans, network applications, web server as a target and wireless hacking and lots more with proper demonstrations and practical work .

Days of Workshop

Hours Of Support


Perks and Benefits

1. Free Exhibit passes.
2. Certificate from IIT Bhubaneswar.
3. Discount on starnite passes.
4. Summer internhip opportunities.



1. Ethics

2. Google Hacking

3. Scanning

4. Email Hacking

5. Trojans

6. Session Hijacking/h4>

7. PHP Injection

8. SQL Injection

9. Sniffing

10. Broadband Hacking

11. Cryptography

12. Social Networking Sites & Hacking

For more information and complete syllabus, please download the pdf from above

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