Android App Development


Android software development is the process by which applications are created for devices running the Android operating system.

Our mobile development process spans six key phases: strategy, analysis & planning, design, app development, testing, and deployment.

  • Time Duration: 2 Days Workshop
  • Timeline: 10th-12th March 2023

What you will learn?

Join this course to set up the Android environment and master its architecture, including user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, and multimedia APIs. Its time to make some cool applications!

Days of Workshop

Hours Of Support


Perks and Benefits

1. Free Exhibit passes.
2. Certificate from IIT Bhubaneswar.
3. Discount on starnite passes.
4. Summer internship opportunities.



1. Introduction to Android technology

2. Working with Activities

3. Intents

4. Data stores, Network services and APIs

5. Content Provider and services

6. Telephony and SMS

For more information and complete syllabus, please download the pdf from above

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Varun Abhishek

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