Are you a hardcore gamer? Does the rattle of guns turn you on? Are you up for a real challenge? Valorant combines precise gunfight with tactical use of abilities. Use your game-sense to lead your team to the path of victory on its 5v5 plant-defuse matches held on various concise maps. Team Wissenaire'22 invites you to compete with other kill-hungry players to emerge victorious in its Valorant Tournament. Do you have it in you to “Defy the limits”?

Tournament Procedure

1. The tournament will be held ONLINE over a single day and the date and time of which will be uploaded on the website.
2. The tournament will consist of many rounds depending on the number of participating teams.

Round Format

1. Each set of teams will play up to 3 games of 5v5 Standard Valorant mode against each other in different maps.
2. The map will be decided on the spot from the pool of maps given. (2 maps will be chosen by the teams and the third map will be chosen by the organizers).
3. Whichever team loses twice will be eliminated.


1. Ascent
2. Split
3. Fracture
4. Bind
5. Breeze
6. Icebox
7. Haven

Contact Details

 Shikhar Agrawal

Rules & Regulations

1. Registration will be done on the website itself.
2. The software used is Valorant by riot. (current updated version, with “Fracture” map)
3. It is a 5 Players Team Tournament, with no substitutes.
4. Each team must present 1 representative as a captain. He/she is responsible for his/her team and will be responsible for choosing maps and all communication with authorities must be done through the team captain.
5. The match will have the same rules as of Standard matches. The first team to win 13 rounds (in- game) will be declared the victor of the match and will advance.
6. The initial fixture are knockouts and only one is map is played. Best of 3 is played for the semis and the finals.
7. The map in each match played will be picked through a map vote.
8. “Overtime” – In case of a draw after 24 rounds, it goes to overtime for 2 rounds. Overtime is continued till there is result. For the start of the overtime, teams will stay on the side which they played the previous half on, during half-times sides will be swapped.
9. Players are not allowed to use any form of custom game files during the official matches.
10. Indulging in malpractice like aimbot, wallhack, etc. leads to a permanent disqualification of the team.
11. Minor changes can be done in rules which will be informed to all the participants before the tournament.