Ever wondered about how much knowledge you have about engineering design and principles as engineers. If yes, then your curiosity ends now as Wissenaire ‘22 has come up with exactly the same competition that matches your vision.The event provides an opportunity to all the undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students who are looking to challenge themselves and test their knowledge on some of the advanced and latest engineering designs, scientific principles on which they are based upon, challenges faced and also applications of such designs.

Event Format

1. Competition duration is exactly 150 minutes.

2. It is an individual competition, more than one member is not allowed per team..

3. Participants will be provided with multiple questions, they have to attempt only one based on their engineering stream or the area of their interest.

4. Participants need to submit a pdf or doc file containing scanned copies of images of the answers written by them.

5. The document should only contain handwritten images, a keyboard typed document will be considered invalid.

6. Questions will be very open ended in nature , so try to answer as much as possible.

Rules & Regulations

1. If Plagiarism is found in answers and solutions , they will be considered as invalid.

2. Answers will be graded according to both depth of knowledge and how much you know in a particular topic.

3. Team Wissenaire decision is final.

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