“Asense of humour is a sense of proportion.” - -KHALIL GIBRAN
Do you want to express your scientific knowledge in the form of cartoons? Excited! Then you have come to the right place.
Nowadays in social media the “MEMES” are very popular. Here you can show some creativity.
Scientoons are the cartoons/memes that provide scientific knowledge in a humorous way.
They look funny but at the same time provide information about new inventions, researches and technology updates.
They not only make you smile and laugh but also provide information about new researches, subjects, data and concepts in a simple understandable and interesting thought provoking way.
Wissenaire’22 provides you a platform to use your scientific knowledge and humour both together to create your own Scientoon (science + cartoon).
CREATIVITY IS THE POWER OF HUMAN BEING ...................................USE IT WISELY.

Rules & Regulations

1. Scientoon has to be submitted in JPEG format with the following three sections: Left: This should explain the scientific concept related to your Scientoon. Right: Thisshould have the scanned copy ofthe hand drawn sketch of the Scientoon. Bottom: This should contain the humour related to the content of the Scientoon.

2. The name of the submission file should be the theme ofthe Scientoon.

3. The hand drawn sketch should be clearly visiblein the final submission file.

4. The event has no specific theme but the chosen theme for the Scientoon should be related to science and technology.

5. One participant is allowedto submit more than one entry.

5. The entry should not be copied from any sources in any form. This could lead direct rejection of the entry.

6. The entry should not be copied from any sources in any form. This could lead direct rejection of the entry.

7. The participantshould clearly mention his/her Name and Name of Institute he/she belongsto, in the mail.

Event Format

1. This is an online event where participants have to submit their Scientoons to competitions.wissenaire@gmail.com with the subject of mail as “Scientoon – Registration Id”.Last date of submission is 30thMarch, 2022.

2. Results will be declared momentarily after the last date of submission.

Judgement criteria

Score will be given on originality, theme, art and humour conforming to technical correspondence of the Scientoon. Any copied Scientoon will be discarded. Decisions made by competition judges and testers are final. There is no dispute resolution process, however, input for process improvement is encouraged.

Contact Details

 Shreya Mohanty