This event will be a series of puzzles like crossword and riddles that would add the salt of fun and mystery to the fest. The event will be based on a collection of exciting challenges and puzzles that do not require any specific knowledge or experience so anyone can participate in it without restriction. The event will consist of a total of 6 problems that will be given to the participants under a fixed time to solve. The order of attempting though depends on the participant and the event gives full flexibility to choose the questions of interest and flow of attempt. Each question will have same score so choosing an easier one first may seem to be a good option. The event will be a limited time event that will be held in both online and offline medium but will have different time limits to compensate for the uneasiness of online medium. Time limits are as follows:
Online medium: 60 mins.
Offline medium: 45 mins.

Event Format

Online Mode: In online mode of conduct a zip folder containing problem files will be sent to the participants email (same email as used while registration of event). Along with the zip folder a link of Google form will be sent where participants need to submit the keys they found from the problems. It is advised to keep a rough page or notebook for rough work and storing the keys.
Offline Mode: In offline mode the participants will be given a set of problem statements and an answer sheet at the end where they need to fill in the response keys and submit back to the invigilator.

Rules & Regulations

Decisions of the judging committee will be final.

Wissenaire and its teams holds full right to disqualify any particular or group of participants from a single or multiple events without specifying the reason. By participating in the event you agree to this.

Judgment will be fully unbiased and based on judging criterion and cannot be challenged if unsatisfied.

If any malpractice is found to occur it may lead to disqualification from single or multiple events.

Time will be the deciding factor on the leaderboard. This means that if none of the teams are able to solve all questions the favor goes to the team with maximum marks that submitted the answers fastest.

For more information, please download the pdf from above

Judgement criteria

Judgment will be based on the following criterion by priority:

1. Correctness of Solution

2. Time of submission

NOTE: for offline mode of conduct the time of 45 min will be scaled up to 60 minutes before consideration. i.e. if a participant took 30 mins offline then his time of submission will be considered to be 40 mins when scaled up to 60 minutes.