Fortnight Challenge

‘Fortnight Challenge’ takes quizzing to a bigger audience by using social media. The quiz will have brain muddling puzzles and situational questions. The web audience who wish to contest will have to wit, outsmart and outpace others to prove their mettle.


‘TEKwissen’ strives to make use of social media to enhance exposure to various technological advancements in this rapidly evolving world. As part of this series, we also revisit the remarkable experiences of those who laid the foundation of the emerging technological era.

We Plant

‘We plant’ was an initiative by wissenaire to move towards a greener earth. This initiative involved sapling distribution at Bhavani Mall and Pantaloons in Bhubaneswar city, in the presence of honourable Bhubaneswar mayor. Team wissenaire also spread awareness among the public about sustainable technology, with face-to-face interaction.