About Us

Wissenaire, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Bhubaneswar is one of the biggest of its kind in East India. Encompassing various sectors of technology, science and management this three-day extravaganza is maneuvers it's participants through the world of futuristic technologies. Every year Wissenaire comes up with a theme and in 2019 Wissenaire has got some unique ideas in store for you with the theme Augmented Reality: The Perceptual Enhancement of Reality for the Genesis of Anthropocentric Technology

Those were the days when information flow was inefficient and time-consuming. Humans' technological expedition made the world a global village. Still, the world was constrained by the 2 dimensions of the monitors and pixels. With the advent of newer technologies, gradually devices have started taking the cente stage replacing its own masters. This has created the need for a technology that embraces who we are. A technology that knows no limits, and is beyond anything we have experienced before. One, that recalibrates the objective of technology to make it human-centric. Something that will increase the dimensions of perception. All these paved the way for the technology of the future ie augmented reality.