Have you ever thought of the ways we can code a program for a defined set of outputs? But what if the algorithm is the mystery itself!! Here is your chance at getting an experience on the mystery. We give you a code with some hidden key, that you need to figure out with the behavior of the code on your given inputs, now all that’s left is to write a code for it. The goal is to find that “Black box”. Now get ready to challenge your brain at coding in a fun and exciting way with us...

Event Format

1. In this round, participants will have to decipher the behavior of the code from the input and its respective output and write the program for the same.

2. This round consists of three questions, each carrying 20 points.

3. Each team will be given 20 bonus points at the start of the competition.

Rules & Regulations

1. Programming languages should be C, C++, Python and Java.

2. You are not allowed to take a reference book or Material during the event.

Judgement criteria

1. Teams will be jufged on their accuracy and their efficiency.

2. Their will be a runtime limit in each problem. Your solution should pass all hidden test data within the time limit to recieve the accepted verdict.

3. The Winner will be declared based on the total number of points(including bonus points).

4. If the number of question solved is same, then the winner will be the team who solved the problems in least amount of time.

Online Mode

1. Your team has to login by id and password provided to you during registration.

2. you will be automatically logged out after the ending time of competition, make sure start at time.

3. your code will be correct only when it passes all the given test cases.

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