“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain. Every big breakthrough in the centuries always starts with a small and a stumbling idea which nurtures and becomes a giant, big tree. All we need first is to START and gradually build it. So here we come and present you with a platform to nurture YOUR ideas, to mould and give it a vivid and bright shape in front of the esteemed judges and inquisitive audience at one of the most awaited tech-fest of east India – Colloquia, the PowerPoint presentation event of Wissenaire’22. The biggest platform which brings all the curious and talented minds from all over the country to dive into the quest for knowledge and to horn their skills – present, learn, grow. So, buckle up and grab this amazing opportunity and become a part of the startling technical evening and explore the world of future humanity with technology.

Event Format

1. Participants have to prepare and send an e-mail of PowerPoint presentation on any of the chosen topic of their interest from the provided list of domains.
2. The presentation files should be e-mailed to competitions.wissenaire@gmail.com with the subject of mail as “Colloquia CSE – RegistrationId”.
3. Complete details of all participants taking part in the presentation should be mentioned in the submission.
4. Specify topic of the presentation as the heading of the submission
5. Last date for submission is 30th March 2022.
Respective teams will be selected purely on basis of the entries submitted in the 1 st round for the final demonstration. This round will be in the online mode and will take place through MS teams. A confirmation mail will be sent to the selected teams to take part in the event during Wissenaire 2022.

Wissenaire'21 Domains (for reference)

• Natural User Interface (NUI)
• Human Computer Interface (HCI)
• Bioinformatics
• Computational Linguistics
• Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Smart Home Environment (SHE)
• Deep Learning (DT)
• Aerial Surveillance
• Collaborative Computing
• Data Science
• Data Mining
• Software defined Networks
• Virtualization Technologies
• Cyber Security Automation
• Quantum Computing
• Non-volatile Memory
• Advanced Machine Learning
• Cyber Security & Surveillance Team

Judgement criteria

1. The presentation will be judged on the basis of their innovation, in depth knowledge of the field and presentation skills.
2. 20% weightage will be given to the participants who present along with the working/representative model.
3. In case of any discrepancy, the final decision is made by the judge.
4. Participation certificate will be given to everyone and certificate of excellence will be given to all the finalists

Presentation Rules

1. Presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.
2. The maximum time allotted for single presentation is 12 minutes, followed by a queries section for about 3 minutes.
3. Presentation crossing the allotted time, damages the score.
4. Plagiarism is not encouraged.
5. Presentation will be done via MS teams


 Vejandla Bhavya Teja

Formation Rules

1. Maximum number of participantsin the team should not exceed 3.
2. No participant can take part in more than one team.
3. Each participantshould have their respective college ID proof.
4. It is not obligatory that the participants forming a team should be from the same college.
5. Any number of teams can come from the same college, there’s no restriction for it.