Sports is no longer exclusive to the real world, is it? In the last decade E-sports have taken over hearts faster than any sport ever had. The time has come to blend your style and experience on a global competitive stage. Build up the baddest squad, gear up and ready your guns as Wissenaire’22 brings to you Battle Ground Mobile India. Are you in for the “Chicken Dinner”?

Tournament Procedure

1. The tournament will be held ONLINE over a single day and the date and time of which will be uploaded on the website.
2. The tournament will consist of many rounds depending on the number of participating teams.

Round Format

1. The map for each match will be Erangel.
2. The mode for each match will be the Classic Battle Royale.
3. Each round consists of 3 matches.
4. Each round is a knockout round.
5. After completion of a round, the top team will proceed to next round. (the number of top teams that will proceed, will be intimated later)

Game mode:




For further details, please download the pdf from above

Contact Details

 Ayush Vinayak

Rules & Regulations

1. Registration will be done on the website itself.
2. Team size: 4 players
3. It is a 4 Player Team Tournament. (No substitutes)
4. Each team must present 1 representative. He/she is responsible for his/her team and will be responsible for all communication with authorities.
5. All the communication with the authorities will be done through WhatsApp/discord.
6. Cheating will lead to team disqualification. Game glitches are not allowed and will be considered as cheating. If you have question regarding a particular tactic, ask the Event coordinators prior to the match.
7. Team member can communicate verbally at all the times.
8. Spectators are not allowed in the tournament area. Protest/dispute can only be filled by the team leader.
9. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Team Wissenaire will be final.
10. Teams can be disqualified on the grounds of misbehavior.
11. Minor changes can be done in the rules which will be informed to all the participants prior to the tournament.