Do you have what it takes to form the ultimate squad ?? Do you have the skills to get the best out of your buck ? If you can give me a yes both the times, then come and participate in this fun filled event where you can even bring out the comic geek in you. Form the ultimate squad of DC and MARVEL characters by participating in an auction and show the competition that you are the best in managing your money.

Event Format

Round 1: A group quiz where the top 10 teams will be selected for the next round. The quiz will be based on DC an MARVEL characters. The 10 teams will be selected on the basis of their scores in the quiz.

Round 2: Each team will be provided with some virtual money. Each character (DC or Marvel) will have a specific rating. Each team has to form their squad by participating in the bidding process.

Rules & Regulations

1. Each team should contain a maximum of 8 members and a minimum of 3 members.

2. No team member can be a part of two or more teams. Both the teams will be disqualified in such a case.

3. Each member of the team should be present in both the rounds.

4. Judge will finalize the result and no contentions will be encouraged. A T and C document will be provided to each team selected after ROUND 1. It consists of ratings of the characters and the rules involved in bidding procedure.


Evaluation will be based on the squads formed by the teams and their ability to spend money and the winners will be decided.

Contact Details

 Shivang Pandey