Hey! I know you. Aren’t you the one fascinated with AI and ML, turning the tables around in technology in near future? Well just found a similarity between us. Every day we produce a ton of data in digital form that needs an analysis to sort out precise reference for our needs. Let’s confess, AI and ML markets are growing, and who doesn’t want to be a part of this revolution. Well here is your chance at growing together. Why not solve some small real-world problems with the existing set of skills we have? Get ready to train some models... the ML race begins here.........

Event Format

For the event we will be using the Kaggle platform to use the Notebooks and GPUs provided by them and we are going to work with Real-World Data Science problems where we will be giving you the dataset and we will be checking the scores of your submission files.

Rules & Regulations

Programming languages should be Python (or) R.

You are not allowed to take a reference book or Material during the event. You are not allowed to open the internet for the helper codes.

Plagiarism is strictly discouraged, and we are going to collect the notebooks to ensure the plagiarism check.

Competition Time is Limited.

For more information, please download the pdf from above

Judgement criteria

The leader board works on the score you are getting.

Your scores will be calculated based on how close your predictions are to the ideal values. (person with low error will be on the top of leader board)

The Winner will be declared on the Leader board.

Online Mode

Your team has to login by id and password provided to you during registration. Your submission will be active in the timeline only.

Your notebook should give the same score as your submission score else will be considered as plagiarism.