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Wissenaire is the Annual Techno-Management Fest of
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar ”
Being one of the most awaited Fests in Eastern India, It is a three-day long Technical extravaganza encompassing a multitude of events in the Scientific, Technical and Managerial domains. With a well-rounded collection of Competitions, Workshops, Exhibitions, Star Nites, Quizzes and Colloquia in the fields of programming, robotics, mechanics, aeronautics, designing, management and many others. Lectures by several distinguished luminaries from diverse spheres of education serve to inspire Youth to embark on a journey of technical excellence, creativity and innovation.
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TEK Wissen

IIT Bhubaneswar with Wissenaire celebrates Sceience, Technology and Information on every Friday Night with updates, Fun Facts, News and Buzz of Advancements around the Globe. Never Ever Miss Wissenaire's TEKwissen.

Bacteria as a living hard drive

Research team from Harvard Universityhas developed a novel method of writing information into the genetic code of living bacterial cells.
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