The Annual Techno-management festWISSENAIRE'17
— Knowledge runs free —
3rd - 5th FEBLOADING..

Do syringes fascinate you? If they do, then you are reading the right thing. Syringes find their applications way beyond the hands of medics. Let’s do some engineering. Wissenaire’17 is a platform to apply your engineering skills on syringes and explore hydraulics to create a prototype which could lift objects just using syringes.
"The three most important things in retail are location, location, location. The three most important things for our consumer business are technology, technology, technology."

-Jeff Bezos

Technology and business go hand in hand. In addition to technological approach, one has to be good in business strategy also to be successful. Wissenaire’17 provides you an opportunity to use your circuitry skills and business tactics in a single event ‘Elec-Trade’.
"Without your involvement you can’t succeed. With your involvement you can’t fail"

-A. P. J Abdul Kalam

Everyone dreams to fly their own rocket which is simple, safe & exiting. We give you an opportunity to showcase your dream of flying a rocket which uses simple fuels like water. We provide you an opportunity to exhibit your rocketry skills and talent through the water rocket event “STIMULANT”. Water rocket which uses Newton’s third law of motion is a model rocket which uses water as its reaction mass. Engine of rocket (pressure vessel) can be any soft drink bottle.

For further information regarding the technique, you can refer to the following websites and videos-
  • Video 1
  • Video 2
    Got irritated by Traffic Hassle in the fast-paced Modern world? Want to create a City of your own? Your Own. DREAM CITY! Then make a one!
    It’s a FUN EVENT whose aim is to provide an opportunity for the Young Aspiring CIVIL ENGINEERS to prove their mettle. It’s a platform to show your POTENTIAL to bring a CHANGE in the society!